Z+F IMAGER 5010X, 3D Laser Scanner

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Indoor Navigation system and GPS for instant automatic registration in the field
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The Z+F IMAGER 5010X comes with a unique navigation system which works outdoors and, as an industry-first, also indoors! It will estimate the current position and orientation of the scanner to support the registration algorithm to automatically find the correct solution. The scanner will also track your movements while carrying the device on to the next setup and hence provides position estimation for the registration process.

With Z+F LaserControl Scout and the new 3D laser scanner Z+F IMAGER 5010X , Zoller + Frohlich starts a laser scanning revolution with the Blue Workflow and automatic on-site registration!

Drastically improved WiFi speed and range

Working with the 802.11n-standard and dual antennas, the Z+F IMAGER 5010X has an increased working range and allows you to communicate and stream scan data quickly to the Scout tablet.

Range up to 187 meters (approx. 600 ft.)

Due to the wavelength and the approved ranging system, the devices operate within a maximum range of 187 m (approx. 600 ft.).

High-speed up to 1 million pixel/second

With a maximum measurement rate of 1,016,027 pixel/sec some laser scanners of Zoller + Frohlich are one of the fastest in the world.

320 degree x 360 degree field-of-view

The large 320 degree x 360 degree field-of-view yields maximum coverage.

Laser class 1

Most laser scanners of Zoller + Frohlich are classified "eye-safe" according to laser class 1 requirements.

HDR i-Cam

The integrated camera works very well in all environments. One focus is to always provide realistic panoramas. To make the workflow as user friendly as possible, the Z+F i-Cam is fully integrated into the Z+F IMAGER 5010X.


The new dynamic compensator ensures maximum reliability of your scans.

Upgrade your Scanner to X

Zoller + Frohlich offers you to upgrade your Z+F IMAGER 5010C to a Z+F IMAGER 5010X.

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