Spectra Precision Laser HL760 Laserometer

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Work Any Time, Any Where

Working at all times and all working conditions is just what you do, which is why the HL760 Digital Receiver from Spectra Precision has you covered Any Time and Anywhere. Designed for versatility, the HL760 features a bright LED-backlit display, an anti-strobe sensor and patented Lightbar technology. HL760 has many imitators but no competition.

The HL760 also features a digital readout of elevation that provides a numeric display of 5 cm ( 2 inches). The readout is displayed on the large front and rear LCDs and shows exactly how far the elevation is from on-grade for fast and easy cut/fill readings.

Accurate measurements can be made without moving the rod clamp, saving time and increasing productivity. Selectable units of measure can be displayed meeting your application - mm, cm, ft, in or fractional inches.


  • Digital readout of elevation not only will high or low arrows be displayed, but the exact distance from grade will be displayed, which eliminates the need to get on-grade to make measurements
  • Large 5 inch (12.7 cm) reception height acquires the beam quickly and makes it easy to stay in the beam
  • The HL760 / HL760U has an internal, long range 330 ft (100m) radius, high speed digital radio built inside that allows the receiver to communicate with any other HL760 / HL760U: LL300S, LL400HV, HV302, GL412N / GL422N laser transmitters
  • Machine operators can monitor elevation shots taken by another person or foremen can monitor elevations and cut/fill readings from anywhere on the jobsite
  • Anti-strobe sensor stops construction strobe lights from setting off the receiver, and makes it easier to identify true laser beam signals
  • Multiple deadband setting allows adaptation to meet all your jobsite requirements
  • Dust and weatherproof housing withstands a drop of up to 10 ft (3 m) onto concrete for reduced downtime
  • Two clamp positions for cut/fill or excavation
  • Three-year No Excuses warranty
  • C70 Clamp with Bubble Vial included
  • Clamp comes with patented reversible jaw to allow a more solid fix to round or square rods
  • HL760U can also accept infrared and green beam lasers
  • When working in deep excavations the capture mode allows the user to pick up the laser elevation without having to adjust the receiver to the on-grade position it tells you how far off on-grade you are

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  • Remote grade checking with cable free Remote Display
  • Wireless monitoring of foundations and steel erections
  • Risk free monitoring of tilt up wall position
  • Setting and checking jobsite elevation and depth for:
  • Cut and fills and grading
  • Foundations, forms, and footings
  • Excavations
  • Including

  • HL760 Receiver
  • C70 Clamp for Receiver
  • 2 x AA-Batteries
  • Operating Manual
  • Technical Data

  • Working Radius (Laser dependent):1 m - 460 m (3 ft - 1500 ft)
  • Laser Detection Height: 127.0 mm (5)
  • Numeric Readout Height: 102.0 mm (4)
  • Internal Radio: Full 2-way communication, operation and security lock with paired device
  • Radio Working Radius: Up to 220 m (720 ft), depending on orientation, conditions and paired device
  • Accuracy (Deadband): Ultra Fine: 0.5 mm, 0.02 in, 1/32 in Super Fine: 1.0 mm, 0.05 in, 1/16 in Fine: 2.0 mm, 0.10 in, 1/8 in Medium: 5.0 mm, 0.20 in, 1/4 in Coarse: 10.0 mm, 0.50 in, 1/2 in Calibration: 0.1 mm, 0.01 in, 1/64 in
  • Reception Angle: 45 minimum
  • Detectable Spectrum: 610 nm ... 780 nm (HL760)/ 520 nm ... 780 nm (HL760U)
  • Beeper Volumes: Loud = 110 dBA/ Medium = 95 dBA/ Low = 65 dBA
  • LED Grade Indicators: Front, Green on-grade, Red Hi, Blue Low
  • Power Supply: 2 x 1.5 Volt AA batteries
  • Battery life: 60+ hours
  • Operating temp.: -20C...+60C (-4F... +140F)
  • Storage temp.: -40C...+70C (-40F...+158F)
  • Tripod attachments: 5/8 x 11 horizontally and vertically
  • Dust and Water proof: IP67
  • Weight: 371 g (13.1 oz.)
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