Schonstedt XTpc+ Magnetic Locator

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The most ergonomic, lightweight and compact pipe and cable locator on the market.

Schonstedt’s new Multi-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator is soon to become the industry standard for all utilities: Electrical and Telecommunications • Water and Sewer • Gas • Underground Construction


  • Affordability – Priced at the range of a single-frequency style locators.
  • Versatile – 512 Hz, 33 kHz and 82 kHz plus 50/60 Hz passive and 512 Hz sonde detection.
  • Adjustable – 5-watts of power, 4 levels of power.
  • Rechargeable batteries – 60 to 70 locates on a full charge.
  • Back-lit transmitter display – Easy to read indicators.
  • Measurement Mode – Alerts operator of ’live’ AC/DC voltage when
connected to underground utility.
  • Improved Continuity Check – Displays current (mA) to improve direct
connection & locate performance.
  • Receiver – Auto & manual gain plus depth measurement.
  • Schonstedt’s 3-year warranty – Best in the industry.

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XTpc+ Standard Equipment

The XTpc+ comes with an extensive package of standard equipment including:

  • Receiver & Transmitter
  • Holster (p/n: PC10012)
  • Conductive Clip Assembly (p/n: TM70000) which includes Standard Conductive Clips — C91010 (Red) and C91011 (Black)
  • Soft Carrying Case for Receiver (p/n: LF10004)
  • Ground Stake (p/n: 208263)
  • Operating/Instruction Manual
  • Power Supply & Cord for Transmitter charging
  • PLEASE NOTE: Inductive Signal Clamp shown is optional