Keson MP401E 4 ft. Digital Measuring Wheel

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MP Series - Metal Professional Spoked Wheels

The Keson MP401E is the digital version of the best-selling MP401. It measures in feet, inches and feet, 10ths metric and continuous inches. The 4-foot circumference wheel levels out uneven ground by spanning divets that smaller wheels would dip into. The wheel’s size enables it to roll and register feet clicks at the best pace in the industry.


  • SWAN-NECK ERGONOMIC HANDLE - Our patent-pending "thumb-up" grip ensures less wrist strain and superior control.
  • RELIABLE INPUT SYSTEM: MAGNETIC SENSORS - Dust, dirt and other particles can disrupt a light beam used in competitive units. Our magnetic pick-up avoids these problems.
  • SEALED COUNTER ENCASEMENT - Designed to NEMA Class II standards, our counter housing ensures that it will not be damaged by rain. What's more, you can saftely clean the entire wheel with a damp cloth.

These Metal Professional (MP) wheels are durable enough to stand up to the harshest field conditions. All feature the industry's best counters with the best counter protection.

Additional FEATURES

  • Innovative design: simple, center-line functionality. Great balance.
  • Huge numbers make for easy reading. Superior protection and placement of the counter: the metal shelf keeps dirt and debris from coming into contact with the critical counter (5 digits, up to 99,999).
  • Rugged 3/4 inch steel frame: tough enough to handle any terrain.
  • Compact fold-down: easily folds in half for storage and portability.

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Keson works hard to make sure its measuring wheels are the best in the world. They lead the industry in the development of wheels with better features and more valuable benefits.

  • Keson counters are the sturdiest and the most reliable. All wheels are designed to protect the counter, the most valuable component of the wheel.
  • With the industry's strongest frames, the MP wheels have become the professional's choice.
  • Longest Warranties - A Limited Lifetime Warranty is offered on all but 3 models (2-year limited wheel
  • Safety - All large wheels come with a reflector to help keep you safe while you work.


99.7% accurate on a flat, even track.


All Keson wheels (except the RRT12 and RRT6) are assembled and tested in Aurora, IL.


Keson creates new products and improves current models based on customer feedback and its own expertise. They're continuously improving their products and processes to meet the precise needs of their customers.