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ArcGIS allows users to create, share and manage geographic data, maps and analytical models and deploy GIS across their organization and on the web.
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  • Compile geographic data, perform spatial analysis and share geographic information online for Mapping
  • Program ideas and apply the results by combining information from many independent layers with a rich set of spatial operations
  • Build, manage and share geographic information using features and tabular data, imagery, online maps, 3D and much more

ArcGIS is a suite of software products, each with its own pricing and licensing. Typically, maintenance for the first year is included when you purchase a new product license. Contact our Mapping & GIS Division to find out which products will best meet your needs.

The latest release is ArcGIS 10.2.2 (available as of April 2014). Learn more about how it can transform the way you do GIS.

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The ArcGIS Platform

    Esri ArcGIS is the geography platform for your organization, enabling you to create, organize, and share geographic information and tools with anyone by using intelligent online maps and useful apps. These apps run virtually anywhere - on desktops, the web, smartphones, and tablets.

Professional GIS Provides the Foundation

    It all starts with the work you do on your professional GIS desktop. Your geographic information powers the use of GIS throughout your organization. You compile and manage geographic data, work with advanced maps, perform spatial analysis, and conduct GIS projects. Your resulting GIS content can be put to use by others in countless ways.

Provide Access to Your GIS Work Using Your Local Network or the Cloud

    ArcGIS enables you to create and share useful maps and apps with your end users. Start with your valuable GIS content, create maps and analytical tools, and share these as online web maps and related GIS services. Publish and host these on your local computing network with ArcGIS for Server and Portal for ArcGIS, in the cloud using ArcGIS Online, or a combination of these.

ArcGIS Comes with Useful Apps

    ArcGIS comes with web apps and device apps to share your work with others in your organization. These apps run on smartphones, tablets, web browsers, and desktops, and support a range of tasks and workflows for example, collector apps for mobile mapping in the field, dashboards for maintaining operational awareness, apps for map creation and sharing, for storytelling with maps, for briefing maps, and much more.

Ready-to-use Maps and Geographic Information Services

    ArcGIS includes ready-to-use geographic content and related GIS services to help you get started quickly. These include high-quality basemaps, demographics, address lookup and place finders, landscape and elevation services, network analysis, and much more.

    As a GIS professional, your information can be readily combined with these to power your organization's use of GIS.

A Platform for Developers

    The ArcGIS platform includes APIs and SDKs for developers, ready-to-use content, and geospatial web services. The platform is available online and on-premises. You can build apps as an internal developer in an ArcGIS organization, sell to existing ArcGIS organizations, or build apps for the community at large.