Copperweld Survey Marker 18"

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Copperweld Survey Marker

(18 length,1-1/2 diameter. Brass cap.)

Copperweld Survey Marker History: When were Copperweld Survey markers introduced, and how did they first come to be used as Survey markers?

The traditional commercial Copperweld marker was a copper clad steel rod with a cap. It was designed to be driven into the dirt, which is why it has a pointed tip. It was first used after about 1950 for sixteenth and lesser aliquot part corners.

Since Copperweld markers are highly resistant to corrosion, they're often preferred over other ferrous metal rods that would deteriorate too quickly over time in harsh conditions.

Survey monuments are required by some county surveyors and municipalities for official legal records. California Surveying & Drafting Supply is the only known supplier of these Copperweld Survey monuments.

Surveyors place their rods on these monuments in order to capture known measurements for elevations and coordinates. Some monument specs also include protective caps to shield them from damage due to the elements.

For more information, contact California Surveying & Drafting Supply today at 800-243-1414.
Copperweld Survey Markers
Copperweld Survey Markers
Copperweld Survey Markers

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Copperweld Survey Markers Copperweld Survey Markers

Copperweld Survey Markers